Directors Hat: Your Voice. Your Perspective

Alongside my solo exhibition in November, "The Coronation of the Descendants", I am currently directing a docu-style short as a companion piece to this collection. The short is about black men and their experience.

With so many over-inflating stereotypes, and projected fears perpetuated against him throughout history and our life time, its easy to see how he has become the society villain. The only other berating images of him where he is not the villain, he's a athlete, or rapper.

The objective of this short is to provide a platform for their voice to be heard from their vantage point. This is about getting to know him, as a human being. His loves, his fears, his anxieties and frustrations. I'm hoping through this piece we can get a real glimpse of ourselves.

And I believe if we can see our selves through his lenses, we can truly start healing as human species and arrest the complicit roles we play in the tyranny against his innate right be.

I've learned a lot about myself and my own prejudices. I going to talk more about this in another post.

Shoutout to @happymessart, @themusenc, @abstractemergence, for all of your help with this project.

#art #videography #humanities #exhibition #artwork

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