Biography & Artist Statement 

Serah received her B.F.A in Digital Design. After 9 years of working as a Web/Graphics Designer in Corporate America, in 2014 she chose to follow her true passion as a visual artist. Initially working with acrylics, she quickly moved towards a diverse set of materials and finds whatever medium is most effective. Flexibility and skill mastery is of utmost importance to fulfill her desire to communicate with the world around her. Inspired by “The Overview Effect”, most of her work and personal goals, reflect a culmination of the business of existence and the desire to know and express more of what "it," is.​

Artist CV

I am driven by a standard of belief that artists are the way-finders and way-showers of their societies. And in this belief arises the insatiable need to create truly significant works of art that stand the tests of time and prepares us for the future. I am inspired by how we relate and interact with one another, ourselves and our one and only home; Planet Earth. I am inspired and fueled by the things left unsaid and by things we run in circles around just to prevent from addressing. In addition, I'm intrigued and moved by the realization that technology is parenting our new generations. With that realization comes a charge to lay out this conversation as a sort of map key: so that they find the means to know themselves and when faced with the crossroads to their future they'll have a compass to find their way.  I'll rest in peace knowing, I did MY JOB, I fulfilled MY PURPOSE and left a LEGACY to fuel the ones they will leave for their descendants.


My latest series and first solo exhibition “The Coronation of the Descendants” is an indictment on humanity. It asks the question: “Why does a human need protection from a system that is to honor our inalienable right to exist free from tyranny?” In this series, I am using the flamboyance of monarchical opulence and imagery of oppression as the representation for one of the viral symptoms humans suffer as a result of supremacy and separatism. It's a declaration that It is a crime against humanity to exclude the black man from his innate legitimacy on Earth. We are all heir to the throne of self-determinism by virtue of our existence, yet this right has been stricken from the black man's experience. My mission with the vision of this series is to bring a new level of awareness to our various levels of acceptance for an injustice that remains an aspect of our human condition. I also want the series to expand the focus of our collective moral compass as a society complicit in projecting our deepest fears on another human being at the cost of their life or freedom.​

Serah painting